In early February, we noticed that Show Me and Ruby were not holding weight after being milked for a month.  So we had the vet come and check them for parasites. They tested high.  We have worked through February and March with a herbalist using an herbal dewormer from Land of Havilah Farm:  .  We did not see an improvement and retested this week.   So I think we are at risk of losing these two if we don't intervene. We are pretty attached.  So we don't want to risk it further. 

The plan is to give them a chemical dewormer and take them out of the milking rotation.  Then retest after two weeks to see if we knocked down the parasites.  I gave the doses this morning.  The vet says 7 days before the dose is out of their system.  I will have them out of the rotation at least that long. 

Meanwhile, I will continue with the maintenance doses of the herbal dewormer.  The goats like this mixed with peanut butter and coconut oil. I have this already built into the plan for their feed.  

If you have any thoughts, opinion or questions, let me know.