Name: Clover.

Her mother is Woolly and her father is Jester. Clover is a very nice goat and is cooperative. She is a beautiful dark black over almost her entire body, having just a few brown/white accents around her head. She likes both milking benches but gets confused if the food isn't in her stand before she gets there.

Name: Spots

Her mother is Willow and her father is Jester. Spots is one of our only two black and white spotted goats. She is friendly but is impatient with milking. She frequently gets grumpy and may try to kick off the milking tubes. She is one of our best milk produces and enjoys being hand fed, it's one of the few things we've found that keeps her happy during milking. Prefers the right milking bench.

Name: Lucy

Her mother and father are unknown. Lucy is our newest milking goat. Her alpine genetics give her a cool beard. She is still timid around the dominant goats but is starting to acclimate. She is very gentle with us and loves to get attention. She can run really fast.

Name: Trixie

Her mother is Woolly and her father is Jester. Trixie is a good goat who is rarely problematic. She milks well and doesn't kick the tubes and walks with us easily. She looks a lot like Clover but with more brown ears.

Name: Show Me

Show Me is one of our biggest goats and knows it. She will push smaller goats out of her way to get Alfalfa. She doesn't always finish her grain but that's probably because of how much Alfalfa she eats. Prefers the left bench and getting up from the back.

Name: Pretty Penny

Pretty Penny is typically cooperative with milking but she won't come up to the gate to get out she waits for you to come into the pen and get her attention. She prefers the left milking bench. She usually won't kick even after she finishes eating.

Name: Macadamia

Macadamia is Ruby's kid. She is persistently determined to get Ruby's milk no matter what is in her way.

Name: Ruby

Her mother is blank and her father is blank. Ruby prefers the right milking bench but she doesn't have milk very often because her kid macadamia always gets some of her milk. Ruby really enjoys attention and will walk up to you when filling their waters during mid-day.

Name: Woolly

Her mother is Willow and her father is Jester. Woolly is a good milk producer and really enjoys head scratches. She only wants to use the left milking bench and doesn't like to get up on the side so she will push past you and get up from the back.

Name: Sunflower

Sunflower is Rosie's kid. A hungry goat who is always trying to steal their next bite.  She finds new low spots in the fences to jump over all the time.

Name: Rosie

Parents are unknown. Rosie prefers left milking bench and won't jump up fully, she demands her back legs get lifted up for her. Rosie has a very large appetite and likes to tap dance her frustration out while milking. She is a very large goat and can be kind of a brute.  She had quadruplets last year.

Names: Chinquapin and Magnolia

Chinquapin and Magnolia are the two youngest goats that will be milking this year. They are both very kind and gentle. They look just like each other except Chinquapin has a few brown accents.

Name: Willow

Willow is our oldest goat/ she doesn’t have any teeth really, only has one teet, and spends her days sunbathing. Her last baby was sesame who has stunted growth because willow didn’t make enough milk for her.

Name: Sesame

Sesame is our little rascal. Our smallest goat and we don't think she will grow more cause she is willow's last baby. Since she is so small she is always finding a new way out of the pens.

Names, left to right in first picture: kohlrabi, Celery, Zucchini, and Squash

Zucchini and Squash are Chinquapin’s babies from this year. Kohlrabi and Celery are Magnolia’s babies from this year. they are very friendly and cute.

Names, left to right in first picture: Bruno, Eric, Alakazam

Bruno is the alpha and Alakazam is his second in command. Eric is their castrated friend who follows them around. Bruno always smells bad and loves to push other animals around. Alakazam and Eric are pretty docile usually and will not cause much trouble.