Get your nutrient dense milk directly from the source!

Join the Hazelton Farms, LLC herd share for a weekly supply of raw whole goat milk.  Get your nutrient dense milk directly from the source!

Herd shares are legal in Oregon and are allowing small farms like ours to help stay viable as well as helping families by supplying a good, fresh product.

Herdshare owners purchase shares in the goat herd and then pay an agistment fee for the farmer to feed and board the animals, provide the labor to milk the goats, and store the consumer's milk.  The consumer does not buy milk from the farmer.  Instead, they pay a monthly fee to the farmer for feeding, care, and milking the herd.  Milk can be picked up at the farm or delivered to drop sites in town.

Each share will produce about a half gallon of delicious raw goat milk per week.  We serve Corvallis, Philomath, Dallas, and Monmouth/Independence areas.

In order buy into the herd, a share costs $25.  Additionally, care for each share costs $50 a month to cover labor, food costs, and other expenses.  For $50 a month, you will get about a half gallon of raw goat milk every week.  Care fees for people that purchase additional shares are $25 per share.  In months, when the part of the herd is not in milk, we prorate the milking operation at $10 per week with a minimum care fee of $10 per month.  

In a business that is self regulated, we believe transparency in our quality measures to be a high priority.  Please check out our testing ( and blog ( to see examples of our quality monitoring and responses to issues.