American Guinea Hogs are a small and rare heritage breed hog. They are valued for being small and easy to handle. AGHs have a very sweet temperament, unlike many large commercial breeds. 

American Guinea Hogs are rare, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists them as Critical on the Conservation Priority list. Guinea Hogs used to be raised on homesteads but after homesteading became less popular, the population dipped considerably. In 2005 the American Guinea Hog Association was founded and they have been working to preserve the breed. Here on the farm, we are interested in preserving this fantastic breed of pigs, and have 2 registered AGH, our boar, Maximus, and one of our sows, Cleopatra. 

We raise our hogs primarily on pasture, where they eat grass(Yes, pigs eat grass) and anything else they can find, they also get treats that include grain(not organic, too expensive). None of our pigs receive anti-biotics or hormones.

We sell pigs at $200 on the hoof, and we butcher at about a year old.
Our hog herd is Nick's favorite bunch of animals on the farm. If you'd like to buy a whole or half hog from us, contact Nick Hazelton. We can sell registered pigs as well.